Creation of high-quality fragrances across category applications in line with creative vision and expectations from customers

Provide high value fragrance creations with creative vision and finesse

Be led by UK Development Director, and liaise with Senior Management and other divisions to collaborate and contribute to on-going strategic vision and projects.

1 Creative Perfumery

  • Create winning and highly commercial fragrances that match client briefs and expectations
  • Design fragrances to with sound technical knowledge and creativity to meet customer and industry regulations, performing and stable in the end use application
  • Modify fragrances to suit a range of end products, prices and regulations
  • Provide proactive creations for events and client meetings as well as building a fragrance library
  • Apply good understanding of GCMS techniques into creative development
  • Develop fragrances leveraging CPL technology for profitable business growth and lasting commercial success


2 Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Contribute to the team’s success and environment with a passionate and enthusiastic approach, providing own input and insight into strategic vision.
  • Work closely with other perfumers, the evaluation, marketing, sales team and PPD
  • Participate in evaluation panels of fragrances and raw materials
  • Involvement in resolution of QC issues as required
  • Support staff training in perfumery as required
  • Participate in a variety of UK & Category Teams


3 Customer Interaction and Presentation

  • Work in alignment with specific accounts, clients and countries to develop deep market knowledge and intimate client relationships
  • Attend client briefings and presentations as required to discuss and present creation of the selected fragrances
  • Provide competent creative support in customer visits and presentations
  • Represent company in global meetings, perfumer conferences when necessary


Other Day to Day Responsibilities Include:

  • Create fragrances that meet the customer’s brief and odour expectations within given deadlines
  • Design winning fragrances for global and regional projects that meet customer and industry regulations and be performant and stable in the end use application
  • Match existing fragrances and understand GCMS techniques
  • Modify fragrances to solve stability problems
  • Develop fragrances for global projects and CPL technology
  • Attend and organise supplier presentations to provide assessment of existing and new raw materials
  • If required be involved and lead in a variety of UK or Global teams
  • Represent company in global meetings, perfumers’ conferences when necessary
  • Support the Perfumery Team in UK Division to develop creativity and perfumery skills
  • Drive the UK Division Strategy for Perfumery as member of the UK Perfumery Team
  • Promote creativity, artistic flair and passion across UK Division
  • Develop new CPL fragrance technologies with Global R&D and PPD teams


  • Must have qualification from a recognised perfumer training institute like ISIPCA or equivalent
  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience working as a perfumer
  • Superior creativity with sound technical knowledge


Skills and Knowledge

  • Capable of creating new themes and to design fragrances around strategic ingredients
  • Creativity with sound technical knowledge
  • Strong Communicator – ability to explain a creative strategy and creative process
  • Team player
  • Strong Presentation skills
  • Energetic and passionate
  • Fluent in English



Must display and demonstrate attitudes in line with the Company Values