We are extremely happy bunnies today – pun intended – as Colombia has signed into law the first effective ban on animal testing in Latin America! While it will fully come into force in 2024, it is a great step towards a more ethical cosmetics business worldwide.

Colombia is the first country in Latin America to formalise this big step – though countries like Argentina and Brazil have similar projects in the works. We expect this move by Colombia to set a trend in the rest of the continent! Colombia joins India, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe in banning animal testing.

At CPL Aromas, one of our Brand Ingredients is Responsibility, not only towards our customers, suppliers and fellow employees, but towards improving the sustainability of the Earth and its resources. We pride ourselves in not conducting any animal testing whatsoever and we fully support and encourage these actions globally, especially in countries like Colombia, where we operate. (Colombia Country Focus)

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