AromaWellness is CPL Aromas state-of-the-art technology that studies the connection between fragrances and emotions. Scientific evidence has shown the impact of olfaction on emotional processing and its effects on mood, physiology and behaviour, with the link between odours and emotions being advantaged over other senses.

With this new technology, CPL Aromas seeks to develop functional fragrances that trigger positive emotions in consumers. In this sense, AromaWellsess aims to enhance the general wellbeing of consumers, answering the market needs.

Neurofragrances are scents that have a neurological impact on people. They are expertly created to boost emotions & moods. Using a variety of technologies, we are designing an exciting new generation of fragrances for global brands.’

- New Technology Development Manager, Yanina Barrueta

AromaWellness delivers functional fragrances that trigger positive emotions and proven benefits:

  • Performance is scientifically proven.
  • Innovative platform equipped with biosensors and technologies to fully gather evidence on the impact of fragrance on human emotions, behaviour, physiology and subjective perception.
  • Bespoke creation approach for unique projects.

We develop smart fragrances according to the emotions we aim to trigger.

The performance of these fragrances is ultimately tested in a thoroughly designed study with human volunteers using the following technologies.

We have several biosensors and technologies, including EEG, Facial Expression Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response, Eye Tracking, Smart Questionnaires, etc. With those tools we are able to explore the effect of our fragrances on human behaviour, physiology and subjective perception.


AromaWellness is suitable for most applications. Consumers interact with fragrant products at different moments in their daily routines, providing many opportunities for brands to infuse wellbeing and positive emotions in their consumers' lives.


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