As we all know intuitively, scent and emotion are intrinsically linked. It is also established science that nature has a positive effect on our wellbeing. Natural fragrances can evoke childhood memories and bring you joy, calm you or excite you, bring you into focus and in general improve your day.

To bring some of the most fragrant aromas from Nature into our everyday life without destroying their source, the biggest fragrance houses use Headspace technology - CPL Aromas has been doing it since the 1990s. But now the company is bringing the technology one step further, by combining it with its Perfumers' expertise to create a unique set of perfume bases.

I find it exciting to work with AromaSpace; it allows us to use science to reveal the secrets of nature’s fragrance. With our technology we can recreate the authentic scents of nature and add an amazing richness to our fragrances. We love that it isn’t harmful to the plants we analyse and studying them requires us to respect their natural biorhythm, so we sample only when the plant gives its optimum scent. We use AromaSpace to capture a diverse range of smells, and each sample is a unique opportunity to learn more.

- GC-MS Analyst, Debora Bortolotti
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  • The technology respects and draws inspiration from nature
  • It’s a fusion of science, skilful creative perfumery & innovation
  • Unique, natural smelling fragrances & perfumery bases
  • Flexible to cover most regulations & most applications 
  • It’s very versatile and can be combined with other technologies

In its essence, AromaSpace is a joint venture between the Analytical and Perfumery teams. From the headspace analysis, GC-MS analysts produce a detailed chemical composition. This skeleton formulation is compounded and adjusted to recreate the odour of the plant or other source. During this process, components that are unavailable or not safe to use are usually found and must be taken out, leaving gaps in the chemical composition. So, taking the analysis as a starting point, CPL Aromas’ perfumers use their expertise to fill these gaps transforming the raw data into a fragrance, which can then be used as a base from which to expand, or a scent to inspire other creations.

AromaSpace is suitable for most applications, as its natural aromas blend well with most categories. The ones which naturally come to mind are Candles, Reeds and Fine Fragrances.


Get in touch with your local CPL representative to see how AromaSpace can make your applications smell perfectly like the original scent.

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