CPL Aromas have set an ambitious target of Zero Waste to Landfill. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate unnecessary waste, with any remaining waste recycled and, where this is not possible, sent for energy recovery. So far, our manufacturing sites in the UK and Colombia dispose of less than 1% of waste to landfill.

Driven by our sustainability representatives, our efforts to reduce and
eliminate waste streams where we can continues. In 2020, we set a target to
ban single-use plastics in our canteens, meeting rooms, and reception areas
by the end of 2021.
In 2020, we disposed of a total of 1277.15T of waste. Of this, 679.46T (53%)
were sent to landfill, a 15% reduction as a proportion of total waste disposed
(since the 2018 baseline). In addition, 401.76T (31%) were recycled,
147.2T(12%) were sent for incineration and 48.70 tonnes (4%) were sent for
energy recovery. 17% of all waste produced across CPL sites is hazardous.
Our next steps include a thorough review of our waste contracts and
methods of disposal, eradication of single use plastics from various areas on
site, and a complete review of our marketing materials to switch to more
sustainable alternatives.

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