The scent of violet varies greatly: while perfumers typically rely on blends and synthetic notes to replicate the floral fragrance of the violet flower, the violet leaf presents distinct scent profiles that can be extracted naturally, enriching fragrance compositions with new dimensions. In this exploration, we're accompanied by Claudine De Vogel, CPL Aromas' Senior Perfumer, who showcases the unique attributes of CPL Aromas' sustainably sourced Violet Leaf Absolute from Egypt, harmonizing social responsibility with ingredient excellence.

Claudine De Vogel's journey into perfumery was influenced by her pursuit of a BA in Business of Perfumery at the University of Plymouth. Initially uncertain about her career path, she found inspiration through family in the USA. This led her to the Business of Perfumery degree at Plymouth, where she secured a placement with CPL Aromas in the marketing department. Fate intervened when she was offered a trainee perfumer position before completing her degree, propelling her into her dream role at CPL Aromas.

In her exploration of violet perfumes, Claudine highlights the versatility of violet in perfumery. Violet leaves add a green, watery aspect to top notes and complement masculine fougere compositions, while both the leaves and floral aspects enhance female fragrances. She recalls cherished scent memories of Paris by YSL, where violet contributes a powdery, creamy quality to the fragrance. The resurgence of violet perfumes reflects a shift towards classical fragrances, with its diverse applications contributing to its market success.

CPL Aromas' commitment to sustainability is exemplified by their sustainably sourced violet leaf, which enriches fragrances while supporting local communities and the environment. Claudine emphasizes the importance of sustainably sourced ingredients in enhancing fragrance creations and fostering partnerships. She discusses the olfactive differences between violet flower accords and violet leaf absolutes, noting the superior quality of CPL Aromas' violet leaf. Additionally, she shares insights on pairing violet fragrances with complementary notes and offers advice for aspiring perfumers to immerse themselves in the industry, train their noses, and build relationships within the perfumery community.

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