CPL Aromas recently hosted an event centred on their global fine fragrance macro trend for 2024 – HYPERDOSE

Hyperdose is a play on words and the concept revolves around the idea of maximalism, which is an artistic movement that celebrates abundance, vibrancy, and self-expression.

CPL Aromas’ Global Fine Fragrance team have developed a fragrance collection that embodies the principles of maximalism, offering scents that are self-expressive, make bold statement and leave a lasting impression. 

The fragrance collection is divided into five pillars of maximalism:

  • Joyful: with vibrant colours, whipped ice cream style body creams
  • Dark: with more luxurious and indulgent scene with draped fabrics, decadent accords and laundry applications.
  • Vintage: taps into a desire for individualism and nostalgia.
  • Folklore: offers an aesthetic that incorporates traditional materials with a modern twist, connecting scent with memories.
  • Meta: represents a futuristic avant-garde design fusing together experiences that take us into unknown worlds – think virtual reality and scented spaces.

Sam Pringle, Global Fine Fragrance Sales Director, comment about the event:

'Hyperdose is a unique, multi-sensory creative event, an exclusive chance for our brand partners and creative teams to celebrate together maximalist expression and artistic perfumery. We look forward to taking the 'Hyperdose' event and bold fragrance collection to other locations and many more CPL customers around the world'.

To discover more about the macro trend and HYPERDOSE collection contact us in  https://cplaromas.com/lets-connect/contact-us

Let’s create together 

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