CPL Aromas launches new addition to its AromaSpace collection.

CPL Aromas, the world’s largest fragrance-only fragrance house, has launched a new fragrance into its unique AromaSpace technology collection: Matcha AromaSpace. The material is available exclusively to CPL Aromas’ perfumers, for use with their customers.


The AromaSpace technology is a perfect combination of the work of CPL Aromas’ analytical team and its perfumers. The analysts interpret the data from multiple techniques to produce a detailed chemical composition of the original scent. This skeleton formulation is compounded & adjusted to recreate the odour of the source material, and often gaps are found, as components are unavailable or not safe to use. Taking the analysis as a starting point, CPL perfumers use their expertise to fill these gaps transforming the raw data into a fragrance.


In particular, the new Matcha AromaSpace replicates the fragrance of the green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis. It has top notes of roasted cocoa bean, with a herbal note of mate leaf. It has a green floral heart with notes of jasmine and green tea. The base note is sweet with notes of hay and tonka bean. Matcha makes the heart of a fragrance richer with its floral note of tea leaf and jasmine, reinforcing white floral notes and bringing a naturality thanks to its green leafy herbaceous note.


Julie Pluchet, senior perfumer at CPL Aromas, commented about the new AromaSpace: “Matcha AromaSpace brings a yummy addictive hook to fragrances with its gourmand facet of roasted cocoa and tonka beans”.


Other bases in the AromaSpace range include: Frangipani, Weeping Silver Lime, Wisteria, Cannabis, Datura, Magnolia, Muguet, Lady Emma Hamilton Rose, Sweet Pea, Calamondin, Dianthus, Blue Hyacinth, Williams Pear, Kholas Dates and Black Chocolate.

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