I love my job, it is everything I’ve dreamt about for years

Elise Pierre, Perfumer in CPL Aromas France, was raised in Normandy, where she developed a love for scents inspired by the countryside and sea-coast. At 11, she discovered her passion for perfumery and turned it into a career ambition.​​

In 2015, Elise earned a chemistry degree and later a master's at ISIPCA. During her studies, she apprenticed in Paris, gaining valuable experience in formulation and regulations. Joining CPL Aromas in the UK in 2017, Elise worked in various departments, including stability and evaluation, enhancing her skills. In 2021, she relocated to the Paris office.​​

Elise finds joy in receiving a fragrance brief, imagining its scent, and comparing it to the end formula. Beyond perfumery, she loves to travel, gaining inspiration from different cultures for her fragrance creations.​