One of my favourite ingredients to use in a fragrance creation is sandalwood, for its creamy soft texture and warm elements bringing depth to many scents.

Kamila Lelakova, our new-generation Perfumer, blends classical training with diverse multicultural experiences in her perfumery background.​​

Starting in a customer-focused evaluation role at a family-owned fragrance company, Kamila transitioned to become a perfumer. Classically trained in the Roure perfumery method, she also holds an ICATS Diploma in Aroma Trades from Plymouth University.​​

Joining CPL Aromas UK in 2019 through the AFF acquisition, her extensive travels around the world often influence her creations. Inspired by the natural beauty of Eastern Europe, where she grew up surrounded by mountains and green pine forests, Kamila continues to draw inspiration from nature for her fragrance creations.