The beginning is the most exciting part of the process, I usually have tons of ideas and must choose between all of those. But the most enjoyable is to find your perfume on the market shelves, this is probably the best reward of all.

Kévin Mathys’ passion for scents began in the French countryside, where as a child  he played with cologne mixes, naturally leading him to the path of perfumery. For him, perfume is an emotional trigger, allowing him to be a part of people's lives through his creations. Fascinated by the constructions of fragrances and the allure that some perfumes hold, Kévin started training online on raw materials and later became a trainee perfumer at Bell F&F in Leipzig under the mentorship of Sebastian Reuter, now Kevin is a Perfumer in CPL Aromas Dubai.​​

Kévin sees the beginning of the fragrance creation process as the most exciting part, filled with numerous ideas to choose from. Witnessing his perfume on market shelves is the ultimate reward.​​

Outside of perfumery, Kévin's interests in sketching, nature, swimming, and hiking influence his fragrance creations, nurturing the creative process. He particularly enjoys working with leather, woods, and amber, describing them as creating great masculine scents that also work wonders in feminine fragrances.​