The truth is every time you create a fragrance you learn something new.

Patricia Ruiz, our Perfumer based in Spain, started as a compounder, discovering her knack for smelling and remembering scents, which led her to pursue training as a perfumer. Mentored by a senior perfumer, which expanded her skills in formulating accords and fragrances.​​

In fragrance creation, Patricia relishes every step, from seeking inspiration to capturing and formulating scents before the final olfactory experience. She favours warmer and heavier notes like woods and amber, emphasising the importance of balance.​​

Beyond perfumery, Patricia's passion for cooking parallels her creative process—following a recipe, mixing ingredients, and achieving a beautiful result. This culinary inspiration seamlessly integrates into her perfumery work.​​

Patricia firmly believes that the human nose is irreplaceable by machines.