Kitty Flowers

Fashion and flowers often come hand in hand as designers work with floral prints and take inspiration from the seasons just as I do.

- Founder of Grandfields, Florist, Kitty Tredwin

1. Please provide a brief introduction to yourself 

I’m Kitty the Founder of GRANDFIELDS floral design studio. Originally set up in London, but now based in Bristol. I work from a studio rather than a shop allowing me more time working on the bunch design and limiting unnecessary waste. Grandfields sticks by 3 simple design ideas - colour, shape and season. The aim of my game is to create colourful, seasonal bunches made from alternative and extraordinary stems. We also work along side different brands to create editorial work and product shoots.
2. Can you describe your creative process?    

My creative process is generally pin pointing and homing in on one of many ideas floating around in my head. In order to keep myself and my customers stimulated I change the bunch theme weekly to match what’s growing naturally around us and what’s happening in the news / in the world at that point in time. Once I have laid my foundation for the week with a theme, the colour scheme soon follows and I pounce on any interesting stems that comes my way.

As a business that started in March 2020, there has been little chance to jump on larger scale projects however once these come in, I am sure a similar creative process will ensue.

3. How do you define your style?  

I would define Grandfields style as contemporary. A twist on your standard florist. I think it is pretty clear to everyone receiving a bunch of Grandfields flowers that these have been thought about and carefully put together with a new structure and style. Having worked alongside new style florists, I have found we all have very individual structures to our work that separate ourselves from each other. I like to give fluidity through my bunches no matter the size, using colour and length.

4. Where do you source inspiration and which flowers inspire you the most?

Inspiration for Grandfields bunches comes from fashion and art primarily. Having studied contemporary art at university, naturally art forms a really big influence for me. Old school dutch paintings and contemporary sculpture push my designs to another level, steering well away from the clustered traditional floral shapes and into a sculptural realm.

Fashion designers also hold a place close to my heart, I really enjoy replicating textures and colour palettes from designers I follow. Fashion and flowers often come hand in hand as designers work with floral prints and take inspiration from the seasons just as I do.

However as a weekly fall back when inspiration may be low, I look to the news and world events to keep my work relevant.

5. If you were a flower, which one would you be?   

If I was a flower...this is a hard one. I often have a bundle of stems in my hand and compare myself to their colour or shape or smell. However the ultimate flower for me...chocolate cosmos. I have a deep love for this flower steaming from my childhood (excuse the pun). My mum had a chocolate cosmos plant that myself and my brothers had to talk to and ask for chocolate after meals when we were very young. We were always amazed by how much their stems smelt like chocolate. As I grew up and forgot about this little childhood tradition I was introduced to the stem when I got into floristry and fell in love once more with their  structure and effortless elegance, I have to admit I do love a traditional white or pink cosmos but chocolate is a little more out there and obscure which only makes me like it more!

6. Do you hold any scent memories, or wish to share an anecdote related with flowers?

Sweet peas are another flower I hold close to my heart. 

The name of my floral studio ‘Grandfields’ is the maiden name of my grandma. Unfortunately she died at 24 years old, however the money my Grandma and Grandad left to me has been the foundation for starting up my own studio.

As I began my venture solo, family and friends were of course there to support me and I learnt more than I ever have about the Grandma I was never able to meet. A great aunt of mine told me that whenever she went to visit my Grandma as a child, Margret would run to the garden, pick a handful of sweet peas and tell her to bring them home for her mum! It seems flowers have always been such a lovely token of love between friends and family without having to see each other.

7. Do you have a favourite garden, place or country related with flowers?

I can’t say I have a favourite place in particular...Italy has always been a great source of inspiration for me due to its immense art scene. However flower related...I can’t pin point one in particular. 

What I have found quite interesting having started my floral endeavours is how accessible beautiful flowers are. Everywhere I drive, walk, visit I see so many more flowers and trees and beauty as I become more and more aware the flowers around me. Its incredible how naturally you can become aware of what’s in season and how easy it is to learn about what flowers can be picked and sometimes even dried!  I just can’t believe how closed my mind and eyes were to all the beauty before I got into flowers, I walk the same walks and go to the same places I did as a child and teenager but now come home with armfuls of flowers.

8. In your opinion how do flowers make the world a better place? 

Big question…

I have always loved bringing a bunch of flowers to friends as a thank you, a happy birthday, congratulations, or any occasion I could possibly think of...I just love the idea of leaving friends and family with a little love even when I am not there. I think flowers have acted in a similar and even more important way throughout the pandemic! They have acted as a hug, a kiss and token sent to those we couldn’t see to remind them there is someone thinking of them. And if course when we couldn’t go outside, a bunch of flowers were a little bit of the outside...inside.