Fragrance is freedom, every day I start with the new ideas for my own creations. I never stop smelling and learning.

Nuntiya Wattanaarpa, a Perfumer for CPL Aromas Far East, with roots in the Thai countryside, holds a B.S. in Chemistry and began her career in the cosmetic industry. In 2010, she joined CPL Aromas as a Trainee Perfumer. With more than 11 years in the fragrance industry, she's now a Perfumer at CPL Aromas Far East, Thailand, with frequent travel to Hong Kong. ​​

Her passion for perfumery is complemented by interests in cooking, flower arrangement, reading, and travel, all of which fuel her creative inspiration. ​​

She particularly enjoys the creative process of choosing notes and ingredients to structure scents, with a preference for floral notes like rose, jasmine, mimosa, and narcissus.​