My Passion for fragrance has led me on an incredible journey full of inspiring experiences and amazing encounters that allowed me, every day, to understand a bit more about myself and the everchanging World.

Mathieu Lenoir, the Director of Perfumery in the UK, has nearly 30 years of experience in the world of perfumery. ​​

For Mathieu, his career as a perfumer has been full of one-off experiences from smelling the Jasmine blooming at night in Grasse to testing out fragrance creations for shampoo in a hair salon in Bangkok. Early in his career, he was mentored by a top Fine Fragrance perfumer. Mathieu is consistently nurturing this passion, delving into various categories while enjoying the creative freedom of CPL.​​

Outside of perfumery he spends a lot of time in the garden, being outside holds a special place for him, whether it's in another country or a different environment. Mathieu is constantly discovering new smells; “I love using my nose to explore and experience things – it's my dominant sense.”​