Our perfumers come to work with us from a variety of backgrounds, bringing with them a talent and passion for fragrance which they then hone over time as part of our team.

Anna Jaramillo is one such example. Having joined CPL Aromas in our quality control department in 2004, she is now a highly regarded Perfumer and has gone on to become our Technical Director of CPL Aromas Spain. Having always been interested in chemistry, Anna entered the world of fragrance to bring the magic of science to life through scents.

We spoke with Anna, to find out more about how she entered the world of perfumery and to gauge her opinion on the importance of sustainable fragrance development. 

When did you realise that perfumery was the right career for you?

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to study chemistry. It’s kind of the magical part of science, and odour is a very important part of it. I’ve also always had a curiosity for smelling things, from the plants in my parents’ garden, to the leather of new shoes, to the binding of books - and of course, food and spices! Scent has always intrigued me. 

Where did you hone your perfumery skills?

I started working in the quality control department. This allowed me to learn a lot about the fine details of the ingredients and fragrances. Then, I undertook perfumery training in-company under the supervision of a Senior Perfumer who is an expert in fabric care.

What is your favourite part of the fragrance production process?

I love when you first receive a brief, and you can begin to think about all the amazing possibilities. However, the most thrilling moment for me is when the sample arrives from the compounding lab, and you get to discover if the fragrance matches your imagination and expectations!

How do you feel when you see one of your creations on the shelf?

When I see one of my creations on the shelf, I see all of the complex teamwork behind it: the trials, the applications, the performance testing, the evaluation sessions, the re-works. It’s a beautiful process to be part of.

What are your thoughts on the importance of sustainability in fragrance creation?

It is all of our responsibility to try to reduce our impact on the planet. I’m proud that CPL Aromas is always one step ahead in promoting sustainability through our technology such as EcoBoost, our clean fragrance and biodegradable fragrance trend sets and through our use of responsibly sourced ingredients.

What do you think the future of fragrance looks like?

In future, fragrance will continue to be an important part of our lives. However, in most categories we’re seeing a positive switch to more responsible, sustainable and skin friendly options.

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