Marketing can be a truly diverse field, there are many roles that fall within the profession from social media management, branding, communication, promotion, product and trend research, e-commerce and many more.


Selena, the SelenaMarketing Manager at CPL Aromas UK, focuses on products and services for CPL’s customers, this involves researching the latest trends, keeping up to date with what products can be found on the market, analysing sales data to make informed decisions and being a close link to our customers.

Selena heads up a team of 5 product marketers in the UK and covers regions including the UK, USA, Italy, Turkey, and Greece, it’s safe to say that Selena has a very busy schedule, and no two days are ever the same.

Morning Routine:

Selena is an early riser and always one of the first in the office, loving that quiet time before everyone arrives to set her goals and mark out her to do list for the day ahead.  The work can’t truly begin though until the first cup of tea is made! Selena’s morning then often consists of catching up with the other marketing colleagues and delegating any new customer projects out to the team. A mid-morning meeting with the heads of other departments to go through ongoing projects and check everyone is aligned is essential for ensuring the teams work efficiently.

Then it’s time to crack on with some data research using platforms such as Euromonitor, Mintel and Fashion Snoops to decipher and forecast what is happening on the market. Time is then spent digesting the data, and collaborating with the wider teams, meeting with account managers, evaluators, and perfumers to discuss ongoing and upcoming projects, providing input on fragrance concepts and compositions.

Lunch time:

Like most people, lunchtime is a welcome break in the day, and Selena takes the opportunity come rain or shine to get some (very fast) steps in and a big helping of fresh air. At Innovation House we are lucky to be right next to the local river, full of wildlife and some swans that are full of character, so a lunchtime stroll never disappoints. Picking up a few market products along the way is also a win-win.


By the time the afternoon rolls around, it is time to crack on with working on presentations, creating beautiful mood boards, enticing fragrance descriptions, and adding all the information to reinforce the concepts.  Throughout this time, Selena will be called upon as a resident panel tester to rate fragrances on strength, liking and often malodour counteractency. As well as evaluators popping into the marketing room to smell through samples for projects.

An afternoon meeting on teams with a customer going through trends for 2025 (18 months ahead), is soon followed by a quick treat from the sweet box hidden in the marketing room. Before wrapping up the end of the working day Selena books tickets and flights for the next working trip for anywhere from Bologna to New York!


After a slow commute home, Selena picks up Frank her adorable dog and sets about unwinding for the evening and ends the day by cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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