The world of fragrance is as multifaceted as the scents it produces.

CPL Aromas is more than just a fragrance house; it's a family of different talents coming together. As we explore the roles within CPL Aromas, it’s clear that the world of fragrance is as multifaceted as the scents it produces. Each role contributes to the creativity and innovation that defines CPL Aromas.


Nazli Roskin - Senior HR Manager

Although Nazli had not worked in the fragrance industry before, she cherishes the flexibility and people within the company. When asked what one piece of advice she would give Nazli said: “HR is a universal field and calls for professionalism, trust, resilience, adaptability, and a keen interest for working with the various natures of people. It is extremely important to be compliant with legally governed structures and procedures.” Her favourite scents are freshly cut grass, rain on plain gravel, fresh lemon and orange.



Clara Castle

 Clara Castle - Safety & Sustainability Officer

Clara has worked at CPL Aromas for 5 years now, enjoying many different aspects of her role, the favourite being the collaborative and supportive environment within CPL, embracing diverse cultures and the every increasing number of interesting projects. Although Clara has prior experience in the fragrance industry through internships, her role offers a unique blend of health and safety with sustainability initiatives, providing diverse opportunities like contributing to fragrance indexes and visiting raw material suppliers.

“If you are interested in the fragrance industry, I recommend exploring a number of different roles and ask for guidance from professionals within the field” Clara’s favourite scents are those found in nature, evening air on a summer day or the smell of fresh pine in a forest.



José Enrique García

José Enrique García - Quality Control Manager

José Enrique García has been immersed in the fragrance industry since 2003, initially as an R&D Manager at Eurofragance and later in various roles focusing on analytical chemistry and raw materials analysis. Transitioning to his current position, he emphasises the importance of swift response times while maintaining meticulous attention to detail, given CPL's diverse range of products. His advice to newcomers is to appreciate the uniqueness of each scent and raw material, absorb knowledge enthusiastically, and savour the passion of their work. José's personal favourite scent profile combines citrus zest with spicy undertones, particularly Mandarin and Lime paired with Baies Rose, Black Pepper, and Nutmeg.





Frank Di Mercurio - Finance Director

Frank’s favourite aspect of working at CPL Aromas revolves around the diverse projects and daily tasks that involve collaboration with people from around the world, each bringing their own languages and cultures to the table. He enjoys the constant motion within CPL, involving new projects, processes, which allows us to grow within the industry.

Prior to his role at CPL Aromas, Frank spent two years as Deputy Director at GFL (CPL acquired Global Fragrance Laboratories in 2023), gaining valuable experience within the fragrance industry. When asked what is different about working in the fragrance industry to any other, he replied: “I guess fragrances are always a bit tricky, there are a lot of raw materials that can constantly change the price, new legislations that can force perfumers to change a formula, and that can affect the margin in the same product in a short period of time. You must be always on top of what is happening in the industry to not be left behind.” As for his favourite scent, Frank enjoys fresh marine notes.


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