There’s a stage to creating fragrances where you add a unique material to the combination of ingredients and it’s like adding a hint of magic that transforms the fragrance to a totally different scent.

Sapsorrow Leung, Perfumer, has been part of CPL for over 20 years, initially joining the QC department in 1999 at CPL Aromas Hong Kong. The role involved monitoring the quality of raw materials and fragrances. After three years, she embraced a new challenge as a GCMS analyst in 2002, opening the door to the fragrance creation world.​​

As a GCMS analyst, Sapsorrow delved into analysing various raw materials, bases, and fragrances across categories, fuelling her desire to become a perfumer. She particularly enjoys working in the personal care category, focusing on formats like soap, shampoo, and body cream that are integral to daily life.​​

Sapsorrow's favourite ingredients include tropical fruits like coconut and pineapple, for their pleasant and unique smells, harmonising well when mixed. Beyond perfumery, she finds joy in hiking, scuba diving, and traveling, using these activities to explore, think differently, and remain open-minded. These passions inspire Sapsorrow to think creatively when crafting new fragrances.​