I am constantly improving my knowledge because I think in this job, you can never finish learning.

Olivier Maurel fragrance journey began with his father, a perfumer at Robertet, who inspired him to follow his passion. After a seasonal internship at Robertet and a 3-year training course at Création et Parfums in Milan, Olivier became a junior perfumer. With 13 years at GRC Parfum in Milan, he gained expertise in various applications.​​

Joining CPL Aromas France in 2014 as a Senior Perfumer in Paris, Olivier remains dedicated to continuous learning. Outside perfumery, he stays active with tennis, swimming, running, and finding inspiration in nature.​​

Olivier, appreciating a wide range of ingredients, particularly values woods and rose oil, always aiming for the highest quality to create unique scents. He anticipates future regulatory constraints on fragrances but believes in their enduring presence since antiquity.​