Fragrances are composed of tens and sometimes even hundreds of different ingredients, but not all of them have the same olfactive density. These are made up in a structure which is known as the Fragrance Triangle.

What exactly is the Fragrance Triangle?

This concept refers to the idea that a fragrance is a multi-dimensional creation, as different ingredients evaporate at different rates – ultimately leading to the characteristic evolution of a fragrance over time. These pyramids are specifically made up of three types of notes, top notes, middle notes and base notes. 

What is a fragrance note?

A note is a singular element of the fragrance that has a distinctive character that can be detected within a complex fragrance. Grapefruit, lemon and basil are all prime examples of notes that can be found in lots of popular fragrances. 

How are the notes different from one another?

Top notes consist of lighter, more volatile materials that evaporate first – and last roughly around 20 minutes. 

Middle notes make up the main character of any fragrance and are normally detectable for around three to four hours. 

Finally, base notes are heavier materials that offer fragrance longevity and can last approximately  eight hours. 

All fragrances contain base notes, however top and middle notes aren’t always used. Depending on the desired scents, perfumers will make a selection of different combinations of the three types. 

Fragrances accords

In addition to notes, fragrances are also made up of accords. These are the point at which two or more single ingredients are so perfectly balanced that they smell like a singular note. For example, a fresh jasmine note and a tuberose note could combine to equate a white floral accord. 

Again, many of the popular fragrances you’ll be familiar with today are made up of multiple accords, creating the beautiful and long-lasting scents so many of us are drawn to. 

CPL Aromas’ innovations

Notes and accords are normally made up of traditional ingredients. However, in order to innovate, ensure fragrance notes are sourced sustainably and that customers’ requests are fully met, CPL has created a wide range of industry-first technologies to expand within this area.

Two of these are AromaFusion and AromaSpace

AromaFusion technology is an exclusive range of ‘captive’ ingredients that are exclusively available to CPL perfumers. In a complex, molecular distillation process, high-quality raw materials are combined to create the captive ingredients that can be used to create unique perfume formulations, which cannot be recreated elsewhere.​

AromaSpace, on the other hand, is a headspace technology used to bring some of the most fragrant aromas from nature into our everyday life without destroying their source. This can be used to create a unique set of perfume bases. Headspace captures the scent in its natural environment, revealing the components found in the air. The findings are then analysed and perfumers are able to recreate the scent.

Whatever the fragrance you want to make, CPL’s technologies and experts can help. Let’s create something amazing together.

If you’ve got a creative project coming up, get in touch to see how we can help.

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